Wednesday, September 14

Prosecution of Israeli Army Officers for War Crimes, in Foreign Countries

This is a very painful situation for Israel when extreme left wing organizations regard Israeli officers as "war criminals" in carrying out their duty in protecting Israeli citizens from Palestinian terrorists. It weakens their position and gives terrorists legitimacy to carry out terrorist acts. The irony of the matter is that organizations in Israel such as Yesh Gvul are involved in opening Pandora's Box in the British Courts of Law.

This is unacceptable! Many officers have risked their lives in protecting Israeli citizens against terror. Yesh Gvul has shown itself up to be a traitorous organization. Israel is involved in a war against terror. Yesh Gvul ought to be put on trial for treason and its desire to harm Israel's ability to fight terror.

Hamas and company have found an ally in Yesh Gvul. While it is true that much collateral damage occurred in the army pursuit of terror and many innocent Palestinians were killed as a result. This was because the terrorist leaders hid amongst a civilian Palestinian population uninvolved in terror activity. It is the duty of the Security Forces to round them up, bring them to justice, and if this was not possible kill them. These terrorists chose the path of violence and they must pay the price! Yesh Gvul wants to bring those officers for trial in the killing of Hamas terrorist leader Salah Shehada in July 2002. Unfortunately, the Israeli Security Forces had killed 14 innocent Palestinians in this military action. The Israeli Government had apologized for the action that may or may not have been adequate. Were there any apologies from those responsible on the Palestinian side for the killing of innocent people?

If Israeli Officers are tried overseas for so-called "war crimes", it could set a precedent for legitimizing terrorist activity against innocent people all over the world. If overseas courts prosecute Israeli officers, Israel should give them the best defense team of lawyers possible at her expense and pay for the bale if demanded.

It will be a sad day when terror gains legitimacy because of pseudo kangaroo court trials against those who carry out their duty to protect innocent citizens from terror attacks.

Another legitimate question arises in the Iraqi War where many innocent Iraqis had been caught up in the crossfire from American and British troops. Are those officers, responsible for the loss of innocent Iraqi lives, also accountable in British Courts?

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