Saturday, September 24

Where are the Palestinians Heading?

The situation in Palestinian Street is moving towards total anarchy. Hamas is still basking in their artificial euphoria since the disengagement. They are adding explosives to their expressions of hate for the "Zionist Entity". This time the careless handling of explosives had resulted in the deaths of 19 Palestinians. This was even stated by the Palestinian Authority. Naturally, Hamas made a massive cover up by blaming Israel for the explosion. Hamas denied their responsibility for the incident to prevent opposition in their ranks. A rain of Qassam rockets landed in Shderot resulting in injury to five Israelis. The Israel Air Force went into Gaza and pounded Hamas weapon factories killing 4 Hamas activists as a form of retaliation.

Anybody who entertained the idea that there will be progress towards peace and further withdrawals after the disengagement must now receive a rather rude awakening. It is back to violence as before. The culture of violence and hate for Israel is so ingrained in Hamas and Islamic Jihad. The movement towards peace and the establishment of a Palestinian state will not occur for many years. What are the Palestinian terrorist groups trying to achieve by instigating violence and creating conditions for retaliatory acts by Israel? They seem to live in a world of fantasy! It is obvious that their belief in Israel's total destruction is unabated.

Hamas are very involved in having dramatic demonstrations of hate for Israel. Since Israel's pullout from Gaza, there have not been any signs of pragmatism in the Hamas camp. The provocations and rabble rousing against Israel continues unhindered by the Palestinian Authority. Gaza is ungovernable and the chances of democratic Palestinian elections are becoming a contradiction in terms. The weakness and ineffectiveness of the Palestinian Authority to disarm the Palestinian terrorist groups will backfire on them in the end. It would not be surprising if Hamas seizes power from the impotent Palestinian Authority even before elections. Their patience with the Palestinian leadership is wearing thin.

If this scenario develops, and the firing of Qassam rockets continue, it will not take long before the Israeli Security Forces will move into Gaza in order to rout out Hamas and Co terror cells which are rebuilding their strength to create havoc against Israel.

The future for the Palestinians will be very grim indeed. There will be a continuation of the stalemate between Israel and the Palestinians. No power on earth will be able to prevent that. The Hamas fantasies of driving the Jews into the sea will be the order of the day and this will result in more violence and anarchy.

One would expect that after the Israeli withdrawal from Gaza, there would be an attempt by the Palestinian leadership to embark on rebuilding the infrastructure of Gaza as well as law enforcement against the Palestinian militias. Nothing has been done. The anarchy and violence in Palestinian street seems to pay off dividends for Hamas and their terrorist allies. Terror is always rampant when the population has limited economic resources. A prosperous Palestinian population would never serve the interests of Hamas and Company. Hamas will do all in its power to upset any movement towards peace, as this would render them redundant. Hamas can only succeed in a bloody environment filled with hate and turmoil. They will ensure this situation for many years to come. They hold the key to the future of peace or war.

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